Beyond 12 is a commissioning, touring, and recording project planted firmly in the 21st century. I’ve always been fascinated by the number 12. Why is our timekeeping system base 12? Why are there 12 inches in a foot? And, why are there 12 equal steps in the octave. It turns out that the answer to the last question was a solution to a problem that had baffled tuning theorists for centuries, and involves making almost every interval on the piano out of tune! Beyond 12 is a reaction against this malicious practice. I ask composers to imagine a world where any key can be any note, and the layout of the pitches can be changed dynamically as the piece progresses. I use cutting edge software to emulate the retuned and remapped piano. The results have been nothing short of breathtaking. Volume I of the project was released in 2013, and Volumes II and III will be out in 2017 and 2018, respectively. Click here to buy in hi-resolution audio.

Composers commissioned to date:

Kyle Gann
Isaac Schankler
Aaron Johnson
John Schneider
Tom Flaherty
Vera Ivanova
Jason Heath
Brian Shepard
Robert Carl
Monroe Golden
Bill Alves
Eric Moe
Alex Miller
Nick Norton
Stephen Cohn
Brian Moon
Holland Hopson
Jack van Zandt
Veronika Krausas
Elise Roy
Linda Bouchard
Zaq Kenefick

Performances to date:

Los Angeles, CA
Pasadena, CA
Claremont, CA
Riverside, CA
San Francisco, CA
Berkely, CA
Chicago, IL
Champaign, IL
Indianapolis, IN
Annandale-on-Hudson, NY
Pittsburgh, PA
New York, NY
Birmingham, AL
Jacksonville, AL
Montgomery, AL
Black Mountain, NC
Huntsville, AL
Talladega, AL
LaGrange, GA